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Why choose YDM? 

● Solar road stud solutions
● Can be used in road central
● 5 years life
● Since 1996 

Member of National Traffic Engineering Facility (highway) Standardization(Stipulating and revising standard of road safety products in China) .
ATSSA Membership(USA).
Established in 1996, manufacturer of traffic safety products,is a most active & creative company in road safety field.
Products ranges: road stud, solar road stud, wired road stud, lane divider, guardrail delineator, delineator post, anti-glare screen ,wheel chock.

Our business started from Swarflex glass-bead reflector application.
Great progress has been made in reflector development, whose reflectivity is increased by 2 times.
Pressure resistance of plastic road stud has been increased from 16 tons to 20 tons, Aluminum from 15tons to 25 tons.
Application of glass-face on acrylic reflector improves greatly on reflector's abrasion-resistance.
In solar road stud, 5 great revolutions has been undergone:
① Pressure resistance increased from 10 tons to 40 tons. Can be used in road central 
② Combination of LED & reflector.
③ Battery life increased from 1.5 year to 5 years.
④ Generation of in-pavement solar road stud for central line use.
⑤ Application of flexible solar panel with higher impact resistance.

Applicable Environment:
Products are sold well in more than 40 countries, including:
●  Desert area
●  Cold area
●  Rainy area


 Export to:

South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, France, the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Britain, India, Iran, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, the Philippines.