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Embedded Solar Road Stud


Characteristic:Flexible solar panel, low profile at 6.5mm.
Description:For centre line, slip road and other heavy traffic use, Only 6.5mm above the road surface, 40 tons compression resistance, 1000m visible
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Key Features:

For centre line, slip road and other heavy traffic use,

Only 6.5mm above the road surface,

40 tons compression resistance,

1000m visible,

Spot lighting:

flexible solar panel,

aluminium alloy+Polycarbonate+epoxy filler,




IP 68,


Size  φ126*56.5mm
Net Weight  0.98kg
Material  Aluminum alloy shell+Polycarbonate+epoxy filler
LED  φ5mm, one-way 3pcs, two-way 6pcs
Light  steady, or flash (2HZ or upon request)
Luminous intensity  5000mcd
View distance  over 1000m
Color  white, yellow, red, blue, green
Solar Panel  Flexible solar panel 2v120ma
Battery  LiFePO4 - 3.2v 1000mah
Battery Life span  More than 3Years
Full charge time  hours  @100 klux(sunny day)
Working time  72 hours after full charge
Activation  photo sensor
Starting intensity  500Lux
Compression resistance  over 40 tons
Working temperature  -20~+80
Water ingress rating  IP68
Warranty  One year

 Item No.:

RSAS-2-IN-F Two-way flashing light  monocrystalline silicon
RSAS-2-IN-S Two-way steady light  monocrystalline silicon
RSAS-1-IN-F One-way flashing light monocrystalline silicon
RSAS-1-IN-S One-way steady light monocrystalline silicon
RSAS-F2-IN-F Two-way flashing light  flexible solar panel
RSAS-F2-IN-S Two-way steady light  flexible solar panel
RSAS-F1-IN-F One-way flashing light flexible solar panel
RSAS-F1-IN-S One-way steady light flexible solar panel

RSAS  RS  Road Stud  A  aluminum  S  Solar

1 One Side  2 Two Side 

F1   flexible solar panel one side 

F2   flexible solar panel two side

F  Flash  S  Steady

1.Preparation. Wear correct personal protection equipment and lay the work zone safety equipment properly.

2. Confirm the installation position. Make sure the road surface is flat.

3.Clean the road surface and make sure the road surface is dry. 

4.Drill a hole with a diameter127mm depth60mm with the core drill. 

5.Use air pick to remove the bitumen inside the hole. Remove all debris in the hole and make sure the bottom is flat. 

6.Wait till the hole is dry.Spread some epoxy glue all over the hole and insert the road stud. 

7.Make sure the LEDs face the direction of traffic. 

8.Press the road stud to make it firmly installed, leaving the four wings mounted on the road surface.

9.Remove the spilt glue. 

10.Two hours after the installation, go and check all solar road studs to make sure they are installed in right direction and horizontal to the road surface.

11.Take away the work zone safety equipment after two hours.

• Road Delineation

• Accident black-spots / cluster sites

• Hazardous road layouts

• Areas adversely affected by poor visibility

Cycle path

• Car parks 

• Before speed hump